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Welcome to Krishna Shot Blasting

As the quickly growing and well-established company in the Shot Blast, Krishna Shot Blasting is Baking and Painting with wonderful track evidence for client satisfaction.

Krishna Shot Blast is the name which is discovered by a proficient designer named Mr. Badri Malviya in the year 2011. He had extensive experience in metal finishing/ surface preparation or the shot blast field.

There are two units available for Krishna Shot Blast located in Rajasthan and Jodhpur. When it comes to Jodhpur, it is a showroom/corporate office/main headquarters for the existing machines. On the other hand, the unit in Rajasthan appears as the Production/Manufacturing unit.

We are the team of staffs who have multiple talents and professional experience in different fields including accounts, purchase, marketing, and design. The entire team of Krishna is dedicated to making our customers both happy and gratified.

We have unique principles to understand both the actual wishes and needs of our customers to bring a suitable and designed system for them. Our team also ensure that the system will perfectly suit our customer needs.

In addition, we come with an extensive range of art production facilities such as store/warehouse, a convenient showroom of different kinds of blasting machines. It is the right place where our clients can inspect the quality and design of our machines. We also have an effective test center to enable the real painting and blasting results.